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AVG Firewall Config


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Hi all,


I am having trouble getting MPM to work through AVG.


I have added PM program(s) to accepted list of programs for firewall.


I have also added these IP's :  and   but to no avail. (found on this post: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/538-firewall-config/)


The only time i can connect is if i disable AVG firewall or allow all connections through the firewall (which obviously isn't safe )


I have searched this forum and online (AVG's website) to see if anyone had, had issues with setting up MPM but i could not find anything.


I was wondering if two things could happen.


[1] Get a solution to my problem. maybe i need to add something else? or i'm blocking something i shouldn't be?   


[2] Let a stick be made with some quick tips on how to get MPM to be accepted on some of the common Firewall programs.


I am using Windows 7 and AVG 2014.


Thanks for your time,



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