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Service and Process menu options needlessly available in read-only mode.

Dan Plaskon

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- In the android app (not sure about others), when you have read-only access to a computer - visit either the "Process" or "Service" menu options.

- Clicking on a Process or Service in the list gives you an action menu item (eg. "Kill Process", "Cancel").


Although clicking the action reports that the action failed (so we're not talking about a security issue here), there is probably no need to provide these menus when in read-only mode in the first place.


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Sure thing:


1) Android 4.1.2

2) Yes, I'm sure the computer is read-only (all my monitored computers are)

3) I should mention that I can also get this to happen on the IIS module as well (web pages and application pools).


Now, I can tell you that it seems to take more than a "normal" tap to make these menus appear. I find that by holding down on an item (service, process, whatever) for some duration of time, the menu appears (not just a simple quick tap). It seems odd, but I'm guessing perhaps the menu is invoked by some other event (eg. the android equivalent of a "double click" or something). 


Hope that makes sense..if you need further details, just let me know.

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The fact that long press event is firing the tap event is very strange.Despite that it should not show you the dialog. Could I get a print screen with the processes view (after they load ) ? (you can pm or send it at support at mobilepcmonitor dot com)

Also , are you using stock rom ?

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