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Pending windows updates doesn't work as expected

Dan Plaskon

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1) My device is set to have read-only access to the monitored computer (not sure if this matters)

2) I have the Windows Updates "feature" ENABLED on the monitored computer

3) I have notifications for critical/important updates DISABLED on the monitored computer.


Under this setup, when I attempt to list the pending windows updates for the computer on my device (Android, if that matters) the list is always empty. Only when I actually enable the notifications for updates are they shown.


I want to be able to see the pending windows updates for a subset of my computers without actually being notified about them (they are critical systems that can only have updates applied during certain maintenance periods, so I don't want to constantly be bothered with notifications about them).


If further info is needed, please let me know!





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This is not a bug - when you enable the notification a check for updates is performed at regular intervals. If this notification is disabled and your device has only read only access you won't be able to manually check for updates.


We will consider checking for updates automatically without the notification.

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