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Agent installation - Server 2012 Essentials


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Hey, I'm trying to do my first installation of Mobile PC Monitor agent on a Server 2012 Essentials box. (Latest agent downloaded from the website today)

The installation goes through to the end and PC Monitor opens up to the main screen where you enter in your account details etc.

(The Installation window is still open in the background)

As soon as that screen is up I can't do anything, can't click on any tabs/buttons etc and can't switch to other windows or programs, nothing will respond except Alt+Ctrl+Del.  From there I can open Task Manager and kill the PC Monitor window.

However then the installation, that was waiting in the background, comes up with an error saying that the installation encountered an error and it rolls back and PC Monitor is removed.

It doesn't however remove itself correctly and the service is still installed and the only way to remove that is by deleting it from the registry and restarting the server.

I've tried a few times but this happens every time.

Other programs have installed fine.


What's going on?

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