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Ask for subscription ?

Deus Ex-Machina

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Hi :)


I've been using PC monitor for a couple of weeks. But now, I don't receive any notifications, except one: "Your server modules has ended. You can get a subscription by pressing the subscription details button in the PC monitor manager [...]" :blink:

I'm only using 1 PC to monitor, with 3 attached devices and it's for non commercial use.

I thought it was free !??!

When I go to the "subscription details", I can only set the number of computers. Minimum is 5, and the lowest price the soft asks me to pay is 45€ for one year ! :angry: 


Thank you for your help.


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You can continue to use it for free for non-commercial use and monitor up to 5 computers. 


The email you received was referring to the server modules evaluation only, if you do not need the extra features you do not have to get a subscription.

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