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Can't import SSL Certificate

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I'm trying to set up the Enterprise Server, but I cannot install it because it will not accept my SSL certificate:

PC Monitor Enterprise Server Installer
An error occurred while importing the certificate. Make sure the password is correct.

I've exported the private key multiple times, making sure I don't mistype the password, but PC Monitor will always give me that error.


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Hello Jonah,


Try importing it manually:

  1. Run mmc.exe
  2. File -> Add / remove snap-in.
  3. Double click on Certificates from the left list
  4. On the popup select Computer
  5. Next -> Finish -> Ok
  6. Double click on certificates item from the mmc window.
  7. Double click on Personal Category.
  8. Select Certificates item
  9. From menu, select Actions -> All actions -> Import

Try importing the certificate using that wizard. Make sure you mark the key as exportable.


Hope this helps,


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