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Can Not remove registered computers


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Installed the service on 5 computers, then I got message that I exceeded my 3 registered PC limit, I tried to remove 2 PC so I can test your service but the option to remove is dimmed when I select any of PC listed within the Manage Registered Computers option.

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You will need to uninstall the service from the extra computers first so the computers appear offline on that list.

The only reason you cannot remove an online computer is that it will appear again in the next 10 seconds or so as the service is still running.

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This does not work for me. I registered 3 computers. Then 1 computer (Windows) was defect and I had to reinstall WIndows. I am not able to remove PC Monitor before. Now, after reinstalling Windows and PC monitor on this computer, it looks like it is double listed and I can not remove it via the user account tab or any elsewhere.

My account does not work because it says that I have 4 registered computers but basically there are only 3.

Any idea?

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