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A few requests/ideas


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Hi Guys,

We just started to use PC Monitor to monitor our network it's a great product! We have got a few requests/ideas that could be quite usefull:

  • Is it possible that an associated account can get owner rights with a extra option or someting, so that account can edit the computer settings in the Dashboard app
  • We would like te see which account had installed new applications on a computer, now you can only see the installed application name, version and publisher.
  • The search option In the mobile app should be more advanced, for now we got a total of 233 computer in the computer list with all kinds of group names and a lot of computers have the same computer name, so we would also like te search on the group names.
  • Put a group of computers in maintenance mode
  • An maintenance mode schedule (for example put maintenance mode on for 3 hours)

I think this is it for now, if we got some more requests/ideas i will post them on this on this lovely forum.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

We plan the group maintenance mode for the next release. As well, we hope to add a schedule for maintenance soon.

At the moment it's not possible for an associated account to edit the computer configuration - we'll try to implement this.

We'll also consider enhancing the search.

Thanks again.

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