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WindowsUpdate Last Checked Time


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Hi - I have 3 Windows machines (2 x Win8 RC, 1 x WSE RC), I have PCMonitor running on each, and also have the PCMonitor Android app on my phone

All computers TimeZone settings are set to UK / (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, My Phone says it's on GMT+1 British Summer Time

All show the correct date & time of day.

This morning, I ran WindowsUpdate Check for Updates on each machine (and also from the phone)

But when I compare the WindowsUpdate Last Checked Time, on each machine, versus the Last Checked Time reported by PcMonitor on my Phone, the times seem to be roughly -(minus) 5 hours off ...

e.g. pc shows: Today @ 07:18, phone shows: 31 Aug @ 02:17 and similarly (give or take a few minutes), for my other machines

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