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Firewall and IP Issue


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I hope this is the right place to post this.

I was looking over the different forms for an answer but was not able to find one, and this topic is related to probably all versions of PC monitor other then enterprise.

I currently am running PC Monitor on probably close to 15 windows machines right now and just recently noticed that certain computers are no longer reporting stats or notifications. After looking into it a little further it looks like all machines from that location has stopped connecting to the PC Monitor Server. I have been working with a few of our other IT guys and we thought it could be the firewall but was unable to pinpoint the IP address used to transfer the data over the internet.

I skimmed over most of the documentation and found nothing stating what port and IP to keep unblocked to use the application. So without potentially unblocking various IPs that could be threatning to out network, we have not been really able to trouble shoot anything. I do know that if I have my laptop behind the firewall, that machine no longer outputs any notifications. But if I sign on to a different network there is no issue.

So I guess what my actual question is, has anyone else dealt with this issue before, or is there an IP range to keep unblocked on the firewall.

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The first thing to do is to enable diagnostics logging in PC Monitor Manager -> Settings -> Diagnostics. After an hour email us the trace.log file that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder - it will give us an indication of the issue.

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