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In Service Desk ticket views, would it be possible to add a filter for 'Expenses & Charges'? I.E. if only this filter were to be checked, only tickets with Expenses and/or Charges on them will be displayed. 


For context, I'm running into a roadblock managing serialized PSA Product Inventory items that have been committed to a ticket, but not yet delivered. From my understanding, a searchable hardware asset isn't created until the charge (aka device/product/item) has been marked as Delivered. If a field tech forgets to deliver an item I have to search through *all* tickets, sort out the ones with charges, and then again sort through them until I find the one with the proper serialized device charged to it. 

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Thanks fro reaching out! So we don't currently have a filter in Service Desk to show this but you can go to Finance > Billing Review > Charges and do a search here to show all tickets/projects which has pending charges (not yet invoiced)

Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions please let me know! 


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