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No notifications for low storage


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A few weeks ago, one of my servers ran out of storage and Pulseway never sent me a notification.   I found that the low storage notification is no longer working for any of my servers.   Below are a few examples, as of today.   The top 2 are Windows 2019 Server and the bottom one Windows 2016.   In all 3 cases, my iOS app should have a notification for these low storage conditions, but there is nothing.   In addition, the notification for when the computer is started is also not working.  Once a month, I reboot all servers and Pulseway now only notifies when the computer is shutting down not when it started.  








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To demonstrate what's happening with the notification for computer is started, I shut down the server (2019) with the status notifications shown in the last screenshot in my previous post, waited 20 minutes, then started the server.   The screenshot shows the notifications that my iOS app shows.   It correctly shows the notification for the computer shutting down, the computer is offline, and the computer back online, but no notification for the computer is started.   What makes me nervous about all this is that I don't know what other notifications might not be working.  


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