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Small rant about missing details


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Sorry in advance i just wanted to take a moment to rant here and see if anyone else is running into similar issues living with pulsway.


I was wondering why there isn't a search bar for any of the views under automation. Like why i cant i search for a task list that i created so that i can run it easily with out having to scroll down for 15 minutes just to pass the task that i was looking for. 

Second. why cant i select devices and then run a single script to task against those selected devices? I have to create a scope and assign that scope to an orgaization group then i can create a task and assign the scope to the task just to so i can then finally run a script or 2 against more than one device....... very frustrating when you are trying to push a new build of a product to a few devices or install missing software on a few devices or set up a few new devices for specific organization. 



Little things like this make pulsway really difficult to use day in and out.

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