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Install .exe via Pulseway


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Good morning, I was wondering if anyone has a solution for Pulseway to install .exe files to remote clients. We need to push Screen Connect and Malwarebytes Enterprise to some of our clients with the Pulssway client installed.


The Screen Connect tool is great because it allows you to directly upload the .exe to the SC server and then push it out to any machine with the SC client. I hope Pulseway implements this soon.

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Not really, I need the ability to upload to Pulseway to push out the .exe to specific clients like Screen Connect. 3rd Party patching is limited and they bill you for that service when there are way better options.

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Couldn't you do this with a script in automation?

Something like this

$url = "https://example.com/file.exe"
$output = "C:\Temp\file.exe"
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -OutFile $output
Start-Process -FilePath $output -ArgumentList "/S" -Wait

When the new device cards come out you'll be able to run your scripts right from the remote agent as well as the web ui.
Plus doing it as a script you could even build in variables into the url or the arguments if you need to apply different files for different clients.

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