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Deploying agent with Microsoft Intune


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Hi all,
My goal is to create a Win32 package to deploy using Microsoft Intune that auto registers the computer. 

I've done this successfully with agent version 8. However, today I cannot get it to work with agent version 9. Despite contradicting help information out there that directs you to use Orca, the .MSI file that is generated contains the appropriate information to auto-register the agent. In the past I've converted the .MSI to .INTUNE, created the app in Endpoint Manager and assigned it with success. 

I'm working on doing this process again with agent version 9. I can get it to deploy with Intune, however auto-registration fails. My process is the same as with agent version 8. I'm at a lost as to why the registration info is being manipulated somehow during the .MSI conversion to .INTUNE. 

I'd love to get my hands on a version 8 agent to test with. Any advice appreciated. 

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