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Version of my Enterprise server

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My Enterprise server is stuck at version 8.4.0

I Already re-installed the pulseway enterprise server update. Version: 4.7.5


See Logs:


6/21/2022, 14:30:03.107: Pulseway Enterprise Server Update ver. 4.7.5
6/21/2022, 14:30:03.107: Service started.
6/21/2022, 14:30:08.123: Reading database settings...
6/21/2022, 14:30:08.279: Reading database settings complete, current version found: 319
6/21/2022, 14:30:08.294: Checking for updates...
6/21/2022, 14:30:08.935: Server is up to date.

How can i upgrade my enterprise servers to the newste version 8.11.2 ?

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