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Push notifications - alarm


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I think the Pulseway is really good. There is always some room for improvement... :) What I did not notice during the test, or was not aware of: The push system is really in need of revision. With the following one would also simplify many processes and solve problems!

# Interest
What is the interest of the technician and billing?

  • When? Date + time
  • - What? A SHORT text with keywords for copy & paste. Now there is too much text.
  • Status

# Push
It would make sense to make ONE, BIG window with the messages.

  1. Sorted by date/time
  2. Critical, Important, Normal, Low --> defined with colors (or as text)
  3. Acknowledge --> very important. Then there are no TWO messages (like now) when a system restarts. That makes only useless work.
  4. Status --> In progress --> Because otherwise 2 technicians start to work on the problems at the same time. This is really missing.
  5. Unclassified. --> here you can put problems, which are not problems. E.g. a USB dongle that has no free memory.

Here you can see at "Zabbix" a really perfect treatise of this topic. This should really be implemented.

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