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Outch !! We couldn't access the admin share (\\systemName\admin$) on the target system.


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Hello to all, 
I currently have a problem to deploy the agent on a machine. I have activated the Administrator account on the machine, but nothing works.

I created another administrator account but still this error: "We couldn't access the admin share (\systemName\admin$) on the target system."

I would like to understand in order to be able to do a mass deployment in the future. 


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It's disabled by default in Windows.  If you're not on a domain where you can use GPO, you have to do this to the registry on each machine. 


Set a DWord called LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy and set the value to 1.  Reboot.  Should do the trick.  

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11 hours ago, dimitri.gillet said:

It works !!!!
Thank you very much, but unfortunately, you have to change the registry before launching a mass deployment.
So it's not the ideal solution. But thanks :) 


Oh, I know, but that's why I asked if you were on a domain environment.  You could deploy those changes via GPO first.  And no problem, glad it worked. 

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No worries about your English Dimitri. Doing my best to understand lol. 

Assuming the domain environment is the environment you are trying to deploy Pulseway to, then you can push Pulseway via a GPO, and you don't have to worry about enabling the admin share, because Active Directory will have the needed permissions to be able to deploy the software.  OR, even with GPO you can make registry changes. So you could hit every machine one way or another super easy with a GPO.  

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