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System Type as Workflow Condition

Mark G38

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There doesn't appear to be a way to select the system type as a condition.  Example if creating a workflow that once a system is registered, depending on if it's a server or workstation, do xxx.  Right now, (I'm still testing it) I have set up 2 tags called Servers and one called Workstations.  I used the Pulseway built in System type and added "Workstation" as the type for the scope.  I'll then use that scope for the workflow, though I'm not sure it will use it properly.  If it doesn't, I have a script ready to go to do the condition and read off that.

Anyway, system type should be a selectable condition so that the above workarounds don't have to be done.

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Hi @Mark G38

For now, system type(Workstations or Servers) selection is not available as a condition in the Automation Workflows. 

In this case, you can submit this as a feature request in this link https://pulseway.featureupvote.com/, therefore our developers will consider the possibility to introduce this option into the future release.

Thank you.

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18 hours ago, UTS Brian said:

We just created scopes called "All Server" and "All Workstations" that are based on System Type. We then use the scopes as a condition in the workflow.

Yep, I actually do the same thing.  But it's just one more extra step that shouldn't be needed.  They already pull the type of system so we should be able to just use that lol. 

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