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Viewing databases appears to crash PC Monitor


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I am in the process of testing this software on multiple servers.

When you try to use the "VIEW DATABASES" functionality, the browser responds "Loading databases" and eventually times out with an error message "Data not available". This usually occurs within 1 minute.

The server is marked as "Offline" within the browser/mobile app and cannot be accessed if you navigate away from the module. The "PC Monitor" service has a status of "Started".

If you remain within the module for a couple of minutes the client would respond with the database list and two messages: "Data not available" and "79 databases found"

The server would also be marked as available again.

If stay within this module, the server would stay available for about 1 minute and then go Offline again for about 5 minutes upon which it will automatically become online again for 1 minute.

This process would continue indefinitely.

I assume that it times out while waiting for a response and staying within the module causes it to periodically refresh, causing the offline/online changes.

If you have notifications activated for going offline, monitoring databases can cause a barrage of error messages.

We are running version 3.0.6


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