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Clarification around upcoming 2FA changes


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Regarding the following in the recent security response statement: 


We have always recommended that Pulseway customers enforce 2FA for all users as part of security best practice. Going forward, 2FA will also be required in order to add or modify any scripts. Scripts are one of the most common attack vectors and this change ensures that only verified users are permitted to add or modify scripts

At what point with 2FA be required when adding or modifying scripts? We will be prompted when saving a script, or will the upcoming change jus check that MFA is enabled on the account that is updating the script? 

In relation to this, are there any plans to integrate Azure AD SSO into Pulseway? (appreciate it has pro's and con's in regards to security)

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Hi Wye,
When the User attempts to save a Script, the system checks if 2FA is enabled for that User. If it is not, the System will prompt the User to enable 2FA before saving the Script.
In relation to this, are there any plans to integrate Azure AD SSO into Pulseway? - This is scheduled for a Q4 Release on the Product Roadmap. Please check the roadmap in this link.
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Thanks @Robert Stan. 

I did notice it in the roadmap link, however it doesn't look like its been updated since Jan 2021, and it also states that "Remote Control from macOS systems (est. Q1 2021) - in development" - however that was released just recently. 

Therefore, would it be fair to say, the roadmap is running 6 months behind?

Perhaps this post get updated based on the feature voting that all your customers have been doing please? I'm sure other customers would also appreciate it. 

For example - really keen to know when offline information for systems is to be delivered. Its a very highly voted feature. 


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