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Patching Hyper-V Physical Hosts


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I am new to Pulseway and I am coming across a small issue.

Currently I patch all my virtual machines on Saturday night and they reboot with no issue.

Sunday's I want to patch the Physical Hosts and reboot them.  In order to do this I have a Task that Shuts down all of my virtual machines 15 minutes prior to the patch schedule for the Physical servers.  The problem that I am facing is that if there are no patches available or the patches don't require a reboot, then my virtual machines stay shutdown until I manually start them on Monday morning.

Is there a more efficient way to do this? Are you manually patching your physical hosts instead of using a patch policy specifically with Hyper-V?

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Get rid of your script.

Just patch the Host and set the VMs to shutdown instead of saved state - if no patches are applied the the VMs won't be shut down.

If you leave the VMs in saved state they can in rare circumstances get corrupt vmrs files and Hyper V will be broken, it's an easy fix by replacing the vrms files with new ones,  its a rare occurrence though

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