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Starting an exe from a networkshare

Admin Patrick

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I want to start a program after rebooting and used this script, but it's not working.

When I run it local in powershell it works.

Someone who can help me?

pushd "\\fax-dataserver\IT\WVL\04. Software\IT_Monitor\IT_Monitor_live\"

& '.\IT Monitor.exe'


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What do you expect to see from the application when it is run? 

E.g. has it got a GUI interface? is it expecting input? 

It's hard to troubleshoot without the detail. 

Perhaps replace the script with something that just writes a text file to temp to check the process actually works

set-content -Path "$ENV:Temp\TestFile.txt" -Value "test data"

if it does - you know the issue does not lie with Pulseway Agent. 




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syntax wrong in ps
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