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So I have a plugin....


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And am thinking of writing a new one.

But before I do there's a coupl eo fthings I'm wondering.

With the plugin I see a simple page and a Group Page.

Both of these have a standard information "I" or arrows icon. Is this customisable? Currently my plugin has three pages, and they're all of the main screen of the machine, whereas all the system plugins have a single entry on the machine screen, and a pretty icon.

Lastly, is the order selectable? Plugins seem to default to after the power options.

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Yeah I have a basic one that reads some xml files on one of my machines. It relates to the internet usage to my ISP.

I'm thinking about another one for controlling my vmware server 2 instance, since most apps etc for vmware are for esx.

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Whoos, did a report instead of a reply.....too early!!

ESX is too much of a departure from Windows which is what I run on the host (it's a Windows Home Server 2011).

And I think I'd get annoyed with vmware player and it's not really designed for starting and stopping machines and the host is started and shutdown.

I only really want the start, stop and restart commands to be available - most of them I have when sceduled tasks in pc monitor.

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