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Password Protect uninstall?


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Just got a computer in that had not chimed in in over 109 days. Then noticed the user had uninstall PC Monitor.

Is there a way for me to password protect the uninstaller?

Another question. If a computer is not on the internet and they install or uninstall software will I get the notifications once the computer comes online?

Is there a way to have the webcam take an image when a pease of software is installed or uninstalled. We have field computers that are used by many differnt users finding out what user keeps installing software is becoming a problem.

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Yes I can't do that on the field computers. These laptops are on million dollar jobs, they can't wait hours for me to drive somewhere to type in a password so they can run updates for tools. I am not in an office invironments there are only 3 laptops in the office out of 67 laptops.

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The easiest way to prevent a user from uninstalling it is by removing it's installation entry from registry, this way the application will no longer show up in the uninstall screen.

You can use CCleaner to delete that registry entry.

Ofcourse there can be an official feature for this but I don't think that this will be for the good of all users.

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Hello Valdiva,


It seems that you are not the only user of the computer. If your system administrator has deployed an application to your computer most likely he made sure that you will not be able to uninstall it.


Recommended uninstall method of PC Monitor on a Windows Computer:

  1. Go to Control Panel (control in Start -> Run)
  2. Open Programs and Features (appwiz.cpl in Start -> Run)
  3. Double click on PC Monitor and confirm on the dialog that you wish to remove PC Monitor.

Manual uninstall method of PC Monitor on a Windows Computer:

  1. Open Command Prompt (cmd in Start -> Run)
  2. Type in command prompt with the quotes included: sc delete "PC Monitor"
  3. Delete the folder located at: WindowsDrive\Program Files (x64)\PC Monitor on an x64 system or WindowsDrive\Program Files\PC Monitor on a x86 system.

If you need support on uninstall other software use PC Monitor mobile client to uninstall them or contact the support of the application manufacturer.


Good luck,


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