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Dedicated Hosted Instance - Cannot authenticate to REST API

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I'm really struggling to authenticate to API - we have a dedicated hosted solution - therefore our web app base URL is https://[thename].pulseway.com.

So, following the API documentation - am i correct in therefore assuming that the API base URL is https://[thename].pulseway.com/api/v2/ ? 

Every time i login, i get:

"invalid username and\or password (199)"

I've search forums, and tuned my code accordingly - some things i have tried:

  • Using an account with or without MFA. 
  • Using Postman, with API Key as Authorisation - using Username (in plain text) as key, and API Key as Value
  • Using Postman with Basic Auth as Authorisation - using Username (in plain text) as Username, and API Key as Password
  • Using Postman with Basic Auth as Authorisation - using Username and Password both as Base64 encoded (as per api documentation)
  • Using Curl (to simplify even more) with a non-MFA account, using username:api-key. 

Please can someone assist and ideally post some PowerShell or Curl example code for a hosted dedicated instance? It's driving me mad!



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For completeness - this has been solved. Details:

When using the REST API, you use your username and password, NOT the API Key.

API key-based authorization is not supported on Pulseway. The API key is only used for this API called the "Cloud API" and it is not used for RESTful API's. 

As for the authentication on Postman, Authorization Type as "Basic Auth" and enter your Pulseway User Name and Password in Plain Text. The base64 encoding will be done automatically by the System.


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