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Logout notification not being sent

Tijl Schoonenberg

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I have just registered and configured two Linux-based systems (both openSUSE Leap 42.3) and have been able to receive notifications about system down/up events as well as notifications about services not being started. This works perfectly well.


What received my attention is that:

* Shutdown notifications are not being sent. I have found out on this forum that this may be caused by the event being sent after the network interface has been taken down, so I am just ignoring it. Nonetheless: can you confirm this behaviour?

* Notifications about user login events are being sent correctly, whereas notifications about user logout events are not.


The latter is a minor issue to us, but it creates a difference in how Linux systems behave when compared to Windows systems. So I am still curious whether or not this is a know issue or something is wrong in our configuration. If this issue turns out to be a known one I will document it in stead.

The relevant line: <UserLogsOut Priority="2" Enabled="True"/> under <Notifications>


Thanks in advance, Tijl

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