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Wake Up command failed

Natanael Encinos

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Hello everyone.

I am starting with the "Pulseway" application, when I am on the same network as the PC that I want to turn on if it turns on, but when I use another network (WAN) it does not turn on.

Could you help me what is the configuration to be able to turn on a PC from another network?

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Hello Natanael, 

Wake On WAN requires the following settings.

  • A motherboard that supports Wake on Lan
  • A wired network adapter that supports Wake on Lan
  • Wake on Lan activate on BIOS
  • Proper port forwarding if computer is behind a router/firewall

By default Wake on Lan is using UDP port 9, so if your computer is behind a router or a firewall you will need to forward that port. More information can be found at www.portforward.com.

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