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team account - restrict by policies


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i'm new to team account

is there a way for me to create a user for an end customer, and limit that user so he'll be able to do only specific actions on the agent?

i've found the policies, which i've seen i can make those limitations there. and i've found that i can apply those policies to a site, an organization or an agent group. but how can i apply them so they limit the user via those policies? i could only find team permissions but it's only full/no/read only - nothing in between

what am i missing here? thank you


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  • Staff

Hi @liorme,

Unfortunately Pulseway group policies at this time are applied to the system therefore all users who will try to access that system will have the same access rights unless you have specified permissions for the team of users. For more details check out this link. Also, you may configure the same at system level.

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