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Diskspace Monitoring


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Good afternoon,

We have installed quite a few synologies at customers for which I would like to monitor the free space.

I tried with SNMP but I am not completely satisfied with it and the notification from SNMP was not made for this.

Is there another way to monitor this?
SMB share, mapped drives, ..?

Thanks in advance!

With polite regards,

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  • Staff

Hi @Chris1992,

Another option in this case would be create a script on your Synology storage which would run on schedule and report required parameters to Pulseway via REST API. If you will chose to use the REST API to monitor this instance, then you will be able to register it as separate system using REST API. For more details regarding the REST API for Pulseway, please check out the following link.

Let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

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