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Webhook Notifications


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Please support webhooks as destinations for notifications.  This opens up integrations with many other services without the need for Pulseway to configure specific integrations for each one.  

The feature should be able to send a post to a URL when the specified event type is triggered.  If possible, the ability to add headers to the webhook would make the feature even more usable (imagine cases where you want to send a message to teams, hangouts, etc...).


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Shocked that this is not a thing. A webhook would make it nice and easy to auto generate support tickets in JIRA.

I seen a post from (2017? I belive) that said they was going to be adding this, and yet still nothing. Without intergration into already running systems being used, whats the point?

I could setup email notifications to email a catch all on JIRA, but then what happens if we have an issue with our Exchange server, no emails about it!

Looks like my search will have to continue.

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  • Staff

Hi All,

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately this feature was not prioritized, therefore it is still not implemented. We already have it as approved feature, therefore it will be introduce into the future.

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