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4 Calls per minute to Pulseway

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My homeserver is running a pulseway agent and pihole (running dnsmasq) on debian testing.
Pihole shows every 16 seconds a CNAME call of the homeserver to ws5.pulseway.com.
All my other computers with a pulseway agent (Windows-10) don't call this much.

My question is, how can I change my configuration to bring back the amount of calls.

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Hi Jonathan,

I can confirm that 4 calls per minute is the standard for Pulseway agents (Windows agent included). Unfortunately you cannot slow down the ping interval for the agents but you can however remove the agent and write a bash script that uses curl to make Pulseway REST API calls. You'll be able then to specify the refresh interval that you want to use and the server will only mark your instance as offline if you don't ping within the interval you've specified.


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