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PSA Wishlist


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This is an ever evolving list of issues or improvements I'd like to share with Pulseway.

QBO Sync:

  1. Needs to be automated and 2 Way
  2. Invoices sent to QBO are missing e-mail field, CC/ Banke payment checks
  3. Ability PSA to send client invoice e-mails via QBO so I don't have to do it manually. Taking payments through QBO Merchant.
  4. FIX BUG: Items sync - Categories should be ignored, should not be able to import something that is unusable into the PSA in the first place


  1. Session:  Timeout is way to short.  Seems the default is set for using this on-site at a clients.  Which is good for that situation.  However, there should be some capability to tag a browser with a cookie as a work computer that can stay logged in for a week at a time.  I could start a timer and by the time I'm finished and saving time I'm logged out and having to log in again.  Very disruptive and annoying.
  2. SSO/Federation between RMM and PSA
  3. Ability to add New Tasks under New Ticket button.
  4. Speed up ticket creation.  Templates are nice, still too many dropdowns.  
  5. Roles and Work Types are confusing. 
    1. For certain companies that keep their accounting simple theirs a lot of flexibility here.  However, if you use service products in your accounting app like roles already, theres a lot of duplicating.  It's nice you can customize role/rates in contracts.  But having to choose a role and a work type is double entry.  Would prefer a system where Work Types are just combinations of roles and accounting service products that are linked together. 


  1. IT Glue integration.  There should be user and rmm asset links back to IT Glue so if I need information on that equipment its a simple link to the IT Glue Page.
  2. Desktop Timer:  Often clients call up and lay into their problem before I can take a ticket.  An example of a good desktop timer is  how the project management app Teamwork has made theirs.  You can start a time log, and when you have time assign it to a task, project.  In this case it would be assign to a task, ticket, project or the ability to create a task or ticket from the desktop timer.  The problem is sometimes finding the tab I have the PSA open in, or having to log into it in which case its just too late.
  3. Windows 10 Native app.  I like how QBO as a web app also has a desktop app.  It's nothing more than a simple web browser, but its easy to find when I need it.  
  4. Contact/ Calendar sync with O365

...to be continued.

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