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Ubuntu Installation Problem


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I installed successfully Pulseway on my MacBook and on my main Rig, I'm trying to install pulseway on my 2nd laptop with Ubuntu, I followed the procedure showed to install, I edited the Xml sample file with username and password and tried to start pulseway but if I request service pulseway status it shows me this error.

any suggestion?

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Hi @cevaboyz,

Thank you for contacting us. For Linux agents it is no longer required to configure the username and password into the config.xml file. Now you should edit only the configuration for notifications in it.

In order to register Linux agent with your Pulseway account, please run the following executable: pulseway-registration 

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Well done to you dev team on the 6.1 Linux Agent. Pulseway-registration tool works very well. Could you update the web-app to reflect this: (Onboarding --> Setup Guide --> Agent Setup --> Debian).


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