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Auto run a script


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Just started looking at the scripts in Pulseway.

I can't see any way to make Pulseway automatically run a script when a certain notification or event happens.

Is this possible?

EG: a client can't get a static IP address on one of their internet connections so we use a dynamic DNS service.

We have Pulseway set up to notify us when the public IP address changes on that connection, and then we have to jump onto that machine and manually run a script to update the dynamic DNS record with the new IP.

Would like to have Pulseway do this automatically when the IP address changes.

I know you can schedule a task to run it but it needs to happen as a soon as that notification is sent, not hours later.



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Oh ok then. 

That’s pretty sad and for an Rmm that seems to push the whole automation thing, it’s not really automatic if I have to manually run a script when a certain notification is sent. 

Will have to look at other rmm options. 

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