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Warning QuickBooks Desktop Export utility

Gary Haberl

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Hi PSA users,

We just found an issue with the QuickBooks export utility.  Confirm your data exports.

- We use time sheet rounding of 15 Min per ticket. So, if we charge 11 Min on a ticket for tech work, the system rounds it up to 15 min for invoicing.  (Perfect just what we wanted.)

- The actual data in the ticket for time is 11 Min.  The PSA invoice to the client is 15 Min.

- When we export our data into QuickBooks using the PSA QuickBooks desktop utility, the data exported to QuickBooks is 11 Min (Actual not Invoiced)


* So if you are using time rounding, the PSA to send your invoices and QuickBooks for your accounting confirm your data.

* Yes I have notified support.

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