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Kevin Becker

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I'm not going to say what I really am feeling about this product right now because "my content will need to be approved by a moderator".  But I am baffled by this company at the moment.  I recently renewed for another year and the invoice does not match the amount my card was charged.  It's only a few dollars different but accountants are sticklers and in order for me to submit my credit card statement to accounts payable I need an ACCURATE invoice. 

The "ask a question" is the only apparent support when logged into my account but doesn't actually get an answer or response of any sort.  I had to literally google "pulseway support" to find a place to submit a ticket, which makes me enter my account info manually and solve ridiculous captchas, since I'm not logged in.  Perhaps you should consider implementing an actual ticket system, especially considering your customers WORK IN IT.  I don't have time for this nonsense.  I'm considering just disputing the charge with the credit card company and finding an alternate product.


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Hi Kevin,

Rest assured as the forum moderators do not modify the content of user posts, that's a promise. We moderate the first posts each user makes to prevent forum spam, I believe it's the first 3 or 5 posts. I've reviewed your support ticket yesterday and confirmed that your renewal was processed correctly by our systems and the payment processor has charged the same amount we display on the invoice. Did you not receive my reply? It's possible that your bank has increased the charge by a few dollars because it is an international transaction. You should reach out to them to get this clarified or reply to the support ticket with an extract of your bank statement showing the Pulseway transaction identifier, description and amount.

When you submit the question through the web application we do get a support ticket raised, it's just that we don't send out a confirmation.

There's no need to dispute the credit card charge, if you feel that you would not like to continue using Pulseway just let me know and we'll issue a full refund.


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