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Gary Haberl

PSA "Dashboard Widgets" date choices

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In the PSA Dashboards, you can select different items by set date ranges (Service desk "Tickets by Status", Finance "Revenue By Client", and others). You normally only have Month, Quarter, and Year as your selections.

Is it possible to give us a date range we can select by? -OR- at Minimum, can you give us "Last" month, "Last" Quarter and "Last" year as choices also.

I do use the Dashboards, but at the end of a month, the numbers change. 

I would like to:

  1. On a new month, look at what the numbers were for last month
  2. Compare last month to how we are doing this month
  3. Maybe (new feature again) set a goal and see where we are at this point, or at the end of the month how we did. "Last" month choice again.


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