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I have some questions about functionality on Linux. If these things can be done, and I missed something, please share.  If these things aren't possible, then they should be considered as feature requests.

  • Scheduled Maintenance: Linux servers have scheduled maintenance as well.  We need a way set a maintenance window on Linux servers.  I considered writing a script to modify the maintenance settings in config.xml, and schedule it in crontab for the beginning and end of maintenance window.  However, if the server were to not come back during the maintenance window, then a notification will not be sent, so this is a flaw.
  • Rules: It would be helpful to be able to write/assign scripts (possibly from the Pulseway script library, or just local on the machine) to run when certain events happen.
  • File Content Monitors: It would be very helpful to be able to create a plugin for Pulseway that monitors the contents of one or more specific files, then they could be displayed in the Pulseway app, along with it's values.  For example, we could script the power values from a UPS, and then display the voltage, battery remaining, status, etc.
  • Remote configuration:   We should be able to set the configuration options from the GUI on a Windows machine, at least for the functionality that's supported on Linux.
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