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Increase of free computers to monitor?

Nick MacLean

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Ive been reading a few topics and seen that the free limit used to be up to 5 computers,

I don't have much intention of having more but could do with being able to link up to all 5 is this possible to do with out having to buy a subscription every year? :huh: im not using them for business just personal use should that make any difference.

Many Thanks.

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The limit was 5, but reducing it to 3 I feel is perfectly acceptable. Having more than 3 machines at home is unusual for personal use, but then again - I guess we're gadget geeks eh?

I do however think that PC monitor is well worth every penny and I have been most impressed with it so far, and there is more on the roadmap to come which I am excited about. I'm sure over the coming years you won't regret a subscription.

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