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Search and Batch Commands (Invoice)

Gary Haberl

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In the "Service Desk" if you do a search, and then a "Batch" command, the batch includes only the items from your search.  Perfect.

If you are in "Finance, Invoices" and do a search, and then do a "Batch", the batch includes "ALL Invoices". Can someone else confirm if they are also seeing this. I know you have other options when you get to the Invoice Batch screen, but that batch screen does not include all the search features.

It would be nice for the search then batch feature to work the same as it does for Service Desk, --- OR --- it would be nice to have the other search features in the Invoice Batch screen.


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  • Staff

Hi Gary,

Have you tried to filter these invoices by the Client and then send them?  These are the options which I can see when I click on the button 'Batch Invoices'.


I hope this helps.

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Hi Chris,

Yes I did see this. My issue is I wanted to send a group of invoices to our accounting department and not the clients. The search and then batch command does not work as it does in the service desk.

So, I just sent the accounting department each invoice individually.

The search in the batch window is limited. If you hit Batch from invoice, you get all invoices. You can send them all. Or you can limit the by company or date.

It would be nice to see the search then batch work the same as in the service desk, or have more search items in the batch screen.  Like invoice range, project, product or service invoices, maybe contract invoices, etc.

Just my opinion.

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