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Run script before and after running patching policy


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Providing an option to run a script before and after running a patching policy will significantly increase the versatility of Pulseway's patching - A few things we would like to do with this ability include

  • Enable Pulseway maintenance mode before patching to ensure notifications are suppressed
  • Perform a VMware snapshot of the Server VM before patching
  • Run pre/post health checks such as dcdiag to ensure AD servers are healthy and replicating
  • Allow other application maintenance to be performed in the same maintenance window automatically, ie patch Java/Adobe
  • Disable Pulseway maintenance mode after patching is complete 
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  • Staff


Thank you for your suggestion. Actually you can do this via the Task because you can add multiple scripts to one task, therefore you can perform all this in one go.


Please read more about the Pulseway Automation from here.

Also, we are planning to add the 3rd party patch management module which will be used to update applications like Java/Adobe etc.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response - to clarify I am using the built in patch management policies not the powershell script to install updates.

I'd like to avoid writing a powershell script to perform a function that is already built into the tool.

Can the patch management policies be tied into automation tasks?


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Further to this, the suggested solution wouldn't work for us as not all of our machines will be online all the time when our patching policy runs.

As discussed here, 

the automation tasks do not allow for running a task next time the machine is online as the patch policy does.

Additionally, the pulseway patching reports do not capture any information about patches that are installed via scripts.

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