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Multiple Desktops - Offline

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I'm new to Pulseway, I have realized a few things and I'm wondering how to fix this so it doesn't happen again in the future.

Some of agents on my list aren't always online even when I'm looking at them in front of me. Some of these agents are in the same locations where multiple agents are online but some stay offline. Some agents are also located at other locations and still have the same issue.

Wondering if there's a fix for this?

Best Regards,

Bilal S. 

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Hi Bilal,

In the latest version of the Pulseway agent 5.4.6, we have built in the delayed start option, therefore you should not be able to see this happening again.

But in general this happens for the following reasons:

  1. If the Pulseway agent cannot connect to your Pulseway server. In order to diagnose this issue, please run the tracert command towards your Pulseway server to see if there are no issues with the network connectivity.
  2. If the Pulseway service is stopped on the monitored system. 

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