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PSA: Ticket quick find

John Taylor

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Please add a way to quickly find a ticket by number in the service desk, without regard to other filtering criteria already present. A typical use case scenario is that I'm sitting in service desk with a custom view showing only tickets due today, and a request comes in to check something on a specific ticket. Right now I have change the view to one that does no filtering, then filter on the ticket. It's cumbersome and disruptive to my workflow. 

I'd like to just click a "Find Ticket' button, put the ticket # in, and have the ticket opened in a new browser tab. 

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Hi John,

Until they create this type of feature, you can do what I do.  I have multiple tabs open for tickets.  One sorted one way, and another sorted another.  Not sure if this solves the issue of finding the ticket you want, but it would stop you from having to change your sort view all the time.

Another idea one of our techs uses: He has created a few views so he can switch fast between searches.

Not sure if this helps for now or not.


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