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Android app 5.4 update

Gary Haberl

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Hi Gary,

Thank you for reporting this. Please tell us what device/model are you using, which OS? Also, do you use the custom ROM?

When you said it is not working - did you had to reconfigure it or it is not working at all (which functionality is broken)?

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Hi Chris,

Samsung, Android 7

When I updated the app, the login settings came across properly. The PIN code I set in the app did not continue to work.  Name and User Chat name (I think) also reset to my phone name and not what I set them to.

I have been able to reset the PIN now and it is working.  I will reset my name and chat name also.



P.S. The PIN code is good, but only a GRAY background.  It does not 'HIDE' the app totally.  If someone gets my phone, and opens the app, they see what is in the background where I left the app last.  Good that they can not do anything, but they can see some information.  Maybe consider totally blacking out the screen for full security.

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