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Ok, I know I've been requesting a lot .. lol but I love this software and can't help but think of things that would make my life easier as a network administrator while I'm using it... so please dont take my "wants" as a criticism...

I would love some type of customized short cut page/tab..

Currently, to see my locked out users I have to navigate through 4 levels and same with VMWare and IIS stuff..

Do you think it would be possible to add the ability to "pin" or "bookmark" our favorite sections?

For example, I would have the following on my "shortcut list" or "dashboard" if you will:

- Active Directory Locked out Users (From DC2)

- IIS Web Site (Default Website) (From WebSRV229)

- All details on VMHost VMSRV1

- Details on VMGUEST VMGuest23 (running on VMSRV2)

This would save a lot of jumping around ..

This is my last suggestion for a while I promise ;)

Again, I love the software!!


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