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Don't imagine there will be a cure for this short of reinstalling Windows, but I'll ask anyway...

Win 7 x64 SP1. Help/About in Dashboard 2.7 tells me that I should get tray notifications of new alerts, and that feature is enabled in Tools/Options/Runtime. Not only do I not receive receive notifications, there doesn't appear to be a tray icon any more. I've uninstalled & reinstalled; no change.

I know the tray icon USED to be there. The one that didn't do anything. Probably as recently as v2.6 but I couldn't swear to it.

I've installed it on 2 other machines and the tray icon is alive and well. So it's just this one machine.

Now that it actually does more than occupy space in the tray, I'd love to get it back if there's an easy fix.

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