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Interrupted installer


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Hey forum,

When I click "Next" to start the installation of an agent on a certain machine, I immediately get the error "The installer was interrupted before Pulseway could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again." However, it doing it again does not change anything.

Any ideas?

- Jaapyse

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  • Staff

Hi Jaapyse,

On the systems where you cannot run the installer, try to right click on the msi, select properties and then check on the bottom of the first tab for an Unlock button. If there is no unlock button confirm in the Digital Signatures button that the Object Code signing SSL Certificate is trusted by the local system.



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Hey Chris,

Both things seem to be in order. There is no unlock button and "The digital signature is OK". Disabling the anti malware did not make a difference.

- Jaapyse

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