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Read out ESXi Host hardware info + alert notification

Kurt De Jaeger

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We are currently using Veeam One Monitoring to monitor our vm machines, hosts and datastores.
It shows notification of datastore latency of the host or VM.
Is there a way to monitor the same info with Pulseway?

I can only connect to my vCenter of Host, but furthermore I cannot configure anything.

This is of course very crucial for us because of all our hosted servers (and therefor hosts of course) in our 2 Datacenters.

Someone has experience with that and could send me on my way with some feedback, manuals or info.

We are using Enterprise version of PulseWay

Many thanks for the quick answer/feedback.


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  • Staff

Hi Kurt,

Pulseway cannot monitor the ESXi datastore latency at this moment. You could setup some vCenter alarms for disk latency have Pulseway monitor the vCenter alarms (Pulseway Manager -> Notifications -> Server Modules -> VMware):

  • Type monitor: Virtual Machine
  • Monitor for: specific condition or state
  • Trigger: VM Max Total Disk Latency


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