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Monitored Service Centos 6.6


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I have installed pulseway on server with centos 6.6. I have configured the file config.xml and the system notify me when his UP or DOWN. 

But i need to configure the notification when a service shutdown. I try with this code    

<Service Name="orkaudio" DisplayName="orkaudio VCR" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="UPSTART" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" />


<Service Name="orkaudio" DisplayName="orkaudio VCR" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="SYSVINIT" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" />

without success.


On the console i start and stop the service with:

service orkaudio start 

service orkaudio stop
Witch is the correct configuration for monitor this service??
Best regard
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  • Staff

Hi Alessandro,

Welcome to the Pulseway community. To enable service notifications you will need to modify this XML element from the "Notifications" XML element:

    <!--Send a notification when a service has stopped for a number of minutes (between 1 and 120)-->
    <ServiceStopped Priority="1" Minutes="1" Enabled="false"/>


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Hi Chris,

the notification for the ServiceStopped was already enabled.

I think that the system can't read the real state of the service.

I attach the monitor of the service on my phone. Pulseway view orkaudio VCR but in a STOP state, but actually it's up and run.


I suppose there is something wrong in my code posted in the first message.




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I'm having a similar issue with Pulseway on Ubuntu 15.04 and my Raspberry Pi. No matter what I put into the service monitor lines, they always show as stopped in the monitoring client. For example, I'm trying to watch the MySQL service:

<Service Name="mysql.service" DisplayName="MySQL" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="SYSTEMD" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" />

On my RasPi, I'm trying to watch a regular SysVInit service:

<Service Name="pidp8" DisplayName="PiDP-8" IsDaemon="true" DaemonType="SYSVINIT" Path="" StartParameters="" CanBeStopped="true" Enabled="true" />

Neither of these works. What is the proper syntax to use on these lines? Also, sometimes after changing these lines the Pulseway service will crash and I have to set 'Enabled="false"' before it will start again.


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